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In Cajamar constructing the future

In 2015, we made our move to Cajamar. In April, we already had three lines in operation, and a contingent of about 60 professionals. At the end of 2015, the transfer process was completed, and we said farewell to Alphaville, which will remain forever a very important chapter in the history of Gonçalves.

In 1989 when we moved there we experienced a sort of time travel to the future. We moved from old installations from Belenzinho to a totally new building, designed and built to be a graphic. With its 7.3 thousand square meters, it seemed huge. However, in less than ten years we had to make a big expansion, following smaller ones, until 2010 with 21 thousand square meters constructed we had reached the limit of our occupation in Alphaville. This is when the necessity of a new headquarter was born. We bought the lot in Cajamar, designed the project and in 2012 started the construction. Now the construction is almost complete. The production area is complete and the management building is in its final stages of completion.

Like in 1989 when we went to Alphaville, we are again jumping into the future. The Cajamar Unit has almost double the size, with a super modern concept and with every to continue growing. And this “all” means and includes a important factor – people. We want that each person from our team be with us in this new Gonçalves life phase. We know that even more than advanced technologies and a modern building, what will do the difference in the company, are the people – competent and dedicated professionals committed to give their best to create products that meet the demands of our clients. We are changing our address, but the essence of Gonçalves- its commitment with quality and the client- remains the same. This essence is cultivated daily by each of us- directors, leaders and teams.

Paulo Gonçalves