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Overcoming challenges

Created 10 years ago, Gonçalves from Mexico reinforces its triumphs to work in a very competitive market.

After a 2014 marked by the deacceleration of its economy, Mexico starts a process of returning to its growth, driven primarily by the return of the north-american market, important consumer of the products produced in the country.

Ready to overcome the challenges of a graphic sector that is very competitive, Gonçalves wants to take advantage of the favorable winds. “In a period of retracted market, we decided to organize ourselves, adjust our infrastructure and adopt a more aggressive commercial strategy, reinforcing the team of sellers. Other than sales, the process of structuring includes the incorporation of a development manager, production manager and a supervisor of RH”, states Gustavo Gonçalves, director of Gonçalves from Mexico.

Along a more robust infrastructure, the company is reinforcing its internal process and the communication between form sectors such that all operate in synchrony, committed with the high level of customer support. “Adolfo Aquilino Filho, from the selling area from Brazil, spent some time here in Mexico to help us fix this philosophy of always helping the customer”, affirms Gustavo. According to him, this means not only being able to offer quality packages at competitive prices, but also have the flexibility and agility to attend the demands and always short delivery times.

The results are already arriving, with the conquest of new clients. “ The team is cheered with the results the we collecting “ says Gustavo, remembering that also are being done investments in new equipments.

Gonçalves from Mexico is now completing 10 years of his creation (and 7 of operation) Enhance his goals to grow is the best form to celebrate his anniversary.