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Packaging is the first sight contact that the consumer has with the product. Despite protecting, it adds value through visual attributes and quality, that inform, captivate and attract the consumer.

Believing this, we developed the most diverse types of packaging cardboard, for various market products and consuming segments, such as the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic, personal, electronics, food hygiene, among others.

The company also perform in improving and perfect the existing packings, with the objective of enhancing the machine performance.

With a clear view of the future, Gonçalves invests in the latest technology and offers the most modern graphic resources, such as:

  • Development of packings and finishings
  • Glueing and special closings
  • UV Printing
  • Application of special and blister varnish
  • Perolized, metallized and laminated
  • Hot Stamping and Holography
  • ColdFoil
  • Cast & Cure
  • Braille and offset