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Gonçalves believes that above technology and equipment, the great differential of any company are the people.

Thus, the company adopts practices and policies focused on appreciation and the development of its human resources. Courses, benefits such as medical assistance, food and recreational activities and sports as well as a ethical and transparent relationship are the foundations that allow to count on a good work environment and a team committed with the objectives of the company and the satisfaction of the clients.



To Goncalves, to accomplish his social role goes beyond of generating products and services, creating jobs and accomplishing straight his duties like a contributor – (Taxpayer).

Like a citizen company, she participates in the communitie’s life, contributing to his progress and wellbeing. The social investments from Gonçalves are directed to entities that develop activities who benefit children and homeless (poor people).

In this sense, Goncalves has implemented its Ethical Conduct Code, which presents a set of requirements related to the ethical behavior expected in relation to all stakeholders.

To know more about Goncalves Ethical Conduct Code or to report any complain related to the noncompliance of the Code, contact:



The respect to life and the environment are one of the values which have struck out in the actions of Gonçalves along its growth trajectory.

For this reason, the company maintains ISO 14001 certification in its units located in Brazil (Cajamar) and in Mexico (Mexico City).

Advancing in the commitment to the environment, Gonçalves (Cajamar) also has one of the most important green seals in the world, the certification FSC® (Forest StewardshipCouncil ®). The objective is to guarantee that the primary material utilized by the company, the card paper, is the product of a responsible management of the forests around the world seeking their conservation.

FSC® certification is also related to the life cycle of our products, which, according to other practices adopted by Goncalves, ensures that there is a concern with the entire production chain.

Questions related to the correct disposal of the products manufactured by Goncalves can be clarified using the email: