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Who we are

Goncalves is a Brazilian company, reference in the packaging industry, with units in Brazil and Mexico.

All our activities have the same focus: the customer. We take pride in understanding the need for each of our clients and offer fully customized solutions. This is one of the keys to our success!



A platinum printer, many types of easel and will of power to succeed (win). These were the resources (tools) invested by Humberto Gonçalves in May 1939, to start the Typography Gonçalves.

On regressing from Italy in 1945 after joining the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB), his son José, assumed the small company, and with lots of work and determination, transformed the modest typography in one of the most respected graphic packings in Brazil.

In 2008, we started a manufacturing plant in Mexico, which follows the same excellence patterns adopted in Brazil. This achievement has expanded our opportunities to attend all Latin America.

Gonçalves Path


Having as resources only the platinum printer, and a easel of tips, Humberto Gonçalves founded in a rented building located in Visconde de Parnaíba st. 2373, in the Belenzinho district, São Paulo the Humberto Gonçalves Typography in May 2nd.


Recently arrived from the war, where he acted as a member of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force(FEB), the son of José Gonçalves joins as the partner of the typography, contributing(funding) with a capital of two hundred thousand cruzeiros. The company then changed its name to Tipografia Gonçalves.


The typography, that basically did commercial printings, produces his first package- to Pond’s cream, very popular cosmetic among the female public, that after decades went out of the brazilian market around 2003.


Appealing to loan to complete the necessary (required)investment, Gonçalves acquire a building to where they have moved some years ago, in the number 3028 from the Street Visconde de Parnaiba. Staying at this place until the end of the 80`s.


Acquisition of the first offset printer, more specifically the Solna Chief-24, monocolor model. Venturing to the offset technology was a great leap for the development of Gonçalves.


The Gonçalves typography starts being called Gonçalves S.A. Indústria Gráfica. The first machine which folds and glues cartridges is acquired in the same year.


Acquisition of the first automatic cut and wrinkle machine, a Bobst-102. This leads to a leap in quality and productivity, automating an activity that until then was done manually.


Gonçalves moves to the modern plant in Alphaville in Barueri (SP), a project developed specifically for the graphic activity. The plant counts on 7.3 thousand square meters of constructed area with a layout that rationalizes the cultural industrial process, adopting a logic and continuous flux that favors efficiency and productivity, without any bottlenecks or intermediary stocks.


The Acquisition of a 5 color offset printer starts a new era in Gonçalves, that until this moment only had 1 and 2 color offset machines. A modern equipment – model SpeedMaster CD – represents a quality and productivity leap, opening new horizons to the business growth.


Acquisition of the digital pre-printing system, the most advanced in the international market available at the time. This computerizes the process and allows the entering and leaving of film for the recording of the plate, bringing a gain in quality and agility.


To keep up with the growth of the company, Gonçalves more than doubles the installations of the Alphaville unit, that goes from 7.3 thousand square meters to 19 thousand square meters.


In a process conducted in parallel to the implementation of ISO 9002 norms, Gonçalves become the first brazilian company in the packaging sector, to obtain the ISO 14001 of environmental management. At the time only 250 companies in the whole country had this certification.

We are part of GPA, a strategic alliance that brings together the graphic industries, from the most diverse places of the Planet, exchanging information and technologies that contributes to continuous product and services improvement, of each of the partners.


Acquisition of a CTP(computertopalte), equipment that allows the exit of the plate directly from the computer, eliminating the use of film.


Gonçalves opens its plant in Mexico where it operated since 2005 through a local commercial office. With 10 thousand square meters of constructed area in a 21 thousand square meters lot, the mexican unit adopts the same philosophy and concepts of excellence that led to the success of the company in Brazil.


Acquisition of the lot in Cajamar: Gonçalves acquired an area of 69 thousand square meters in the county of Cajamar(SP). With this, the company prepares itself for a future expansion. This will be the new step in the growth trajectory of the company.


Start of the transition to the new unit in Cajamar. An edification that became reference on the topic of uniting functionality, aesthetics and sustainability in an industrial plant. A lot with 69 thousand square meters with 40 thousand square meters of constructed area.



BrazilGonçalves Brazil currently occupies 40 thousand square meters in a 69 thousand square meter lot. Its installations were designed to allow for rational production area layout, with an arrangement of machines which contribute for the natural flow in the work steps.
MéxicoGonçalves in Mexico has 15 thousand square meters of constructed area in a land of 21 thousand square meters, With a modern industrial plant and state of the art control systems, the company offers a diversity in packings that attend the needs and demands from the clients.

Gonçalves Enterprises

Gonçalves Empreendimentos is a company created to manage the properties acquired or constructed along the history of the Group with exclusive focus on the management of these goods.


Gonçalves Amazon

The most recent company of the group, Gonçalves Amazônia was conceived inside a concept that inspires organization: to be a provider of solutions for packages, which means being able to attend a client in a simple and embracing manner, wherever he is.

With a management headquarters in Manaus(AM), it counts with a management infrastructure and stock of local products fabricated by Gráfica Gonçalves to attend clients in the region with security, efficiency and deliveries in the system just in time.

Created in 2015, the company is yet another expression of the purpose of the group: more than a supplier of packages of quality, Gonçalves is a partner that is always together with the client, determined to contribute to aggregate value to its business.